Saturday, March 26, 2005

"time management"

I think most of my stress stems from a major issue I seem to be having with so-called “time management.” I can’t get anything done. Yes, I have much less time to get things done while taking care of my son. But, I swear, I will have two hours during which my son is playing by himself happily or taking a nap. Yet I cannot finish that editing job (FYI: I am a freelance editor and writer), or I can’t finish cleaning the kitchen (which has needed it for longer than I care to admit). I have not been watching TV, nor have I called a friend. In fact, I may not have even sat down. I may have put on a load of laundry. But two hours have disappeared. And I could have finished that editing job or cleaned the kitchen in that time – and all would be well with the world. I feel like I am in a time warp of some sort. This is driving me crazy! Where the hell is the time going?


Anonymous said...

I have just read all your entries and I think you are building up an interesting collection. There's a theme running through them all, about the significance of time. It's explicit in the one about race times an. It's more subtle in the sections on the past and the baby. Memory implicitly involves time. And babies make you measure everything in time--their developmental progress is all in terms of time.

By the way, having a baby does change you and your perspectives, and you can indeed wonder about your own identity and who you are. It's not all gaiety--there's a melancholy too. This isn't a bad thing. It can be a sweet melancholy.

Good luck.

morgan said...

Speaking of time, it is hard to find time to write between work, baby, house, etc. But when I do write, even a few paragraphs, it feels good -- even though it can feel melancholy sometimes.