Wednesday, April 15, 2015

kick-ass running mix

I found myself less motivated to run this winter, but not because of the cold. I like cold-weather running. I still don't quite know why I didn't often want to run, though I have theories, such as a reclusive mood.

NYC Marathon 2014
I still worked out every day (because I am crazy), got into high intensity interval training, kept up with my spinning bike, and I ran now and then. I soon forced myself back into the every-other-day schedule to make sure I was prepped for my first race in five months, the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler (which turned into a 9.39 miles due to a last-minute course issue). A perfect day: 45-50 degrees, a light breeze, sunshine. I chose to run a little slower than usual; amazing that running a race pace :30 to :45 seconds slower per mile makes a world of difference.

My next regular-old-run two days later, yesterday, was a mere hour, 6.5 miles. The old iPod Nano gave me a random but kick-ass mix, which is just what I needed on a very tough day (another story). This run in the 50-degree temperature and light rain was just perfect. 

On Tapely, I have shared the mix for posterity, however long that is.
(Yes, I still run with a Nano. Why would I choose to run with a bulky smartphone?)

Monday, April 13, 2015

the smell of epoxy

I love the smell of epoxy glue. Nostalgia?

I remember my mother taking out the two tubes, folding up a piece of tinfoil to make a disposable plate of sorts, using a wooden chopstick, saved from Chinese takeout, and mixing equal parts of the gooey substances. I remember one clearer, one more yellow.

The chemical smell was strong but soothing, warm even. Some people like the smell of gasoline (I don't), so I cannot be completely alone here.

I have rediscovered a range of epoxys, say, one to fix a broken cement gargoyle. That one combined a light grey goo with a black one, but it smelled just the same.

I am looking for more things to repair now, with what seems like the ultimate in household glues, or at least which was such when I was a kid.

Good on you, epoxy.

I'll be sure not to sniff too much.