Saturday, January 28, 2006

look alikes

This is my husband. Well, not really. This is John Krasinski, the actor, in his role as Jim Halpert in American version of The Office. But Abraham does look so much like this -- even the manner is the same (and the hairstyle is similarly amusing, though Abraham has a moustache and goatee thing going on). I think the actor in character is darn cute, too, and that must be a good sign of how I feel about my dear husband.

I was out of milk on Saturday morning -- my 1% milk, not Iz's whole milk. Abraham suggested I use the whole for my coffee and oatmeal... Does he realize how much calories and fat are in that stuff? Iz's body and brain require it. Mine do not. (My brain is no longer developing... unfortunately.) So I drove to the local Giant to grab some. (I prefer Safeway, but the closest is at least a 10-minute drive away. Actually, I prefer Whole Foods, but I suppose they are too upscale for PG County.) The check-out woman did a double take on my face and said I looked like some famous woman, but she couldn't remember that celebrity's name. I have not had anyone tell me I look like anyone famous for a long time. And why do I care? Yet I wanted to know.

The exception to this dearth of celebrity references is my mother, who (again and again) insists I look like Kate Beckinsale. That's fabulous, but so not true. (Am I just hung up on the fact that she is about 20-30 pounds lighter than me? She is skinny as skinny can be -- and I am pretty fit and lean, but nowhere near her size.) And Mom insists Abraham looks like John Cusak. She once sent us a magazine ad for Serendipity, a mediocre movie which starred the two actors. (I said she insisted!)

On Sunday, an article in The Washington Post reported on a website that allows you, through some face scanning technology, to find out which celebrity you (or anyone you have a good head shot of ) look like: I have uploaded a few photos. (Really, I'm not obsessed.) So far, My face matches no celerity above a 63% likeness. But Cate Blanchett, River Phoenix, and Drew Barrymore keep popping up... At least those are the ones I find somewhat realistic and yet flattering. I would love to look like Halle Berry (and she popped up as a match), but I really don't.

(You may ask why I don't post a photo of us. Perhaps I am trying to preserve some anonymity... Maybe someday.)


Kimberly said...

John Krasinski is a cutie!
I once saw a picture of Kate Beckinsale holding her daughter and smoking a cigarette. Maybe if you lived like that (assuming you don't) you could lose the 20-30 pounds! Hmmmm...something for me to think about too! I am just loaded with great ideas like these! ;-) Can you tell I am not in the mood to work?

morgan said...

Defintitely a cutie. I think I watch The Office for him. Though it is a good show.

I actually used to smoke -- years ago -- then I started running and the smoking slowly stopped (with a few returns here and there -- but not for a long time now). But even then, I was never as slight as Ms. Beckinsale.

Mark Craig said...

It's funny how all the press this business is getting fails to mention that the site provides no obvious means for users to remove profiles and personal information, once created, and that this popular gimmicky celeb-matching feature requires creation of said profiles. True enough, the site's privacy policy alleges that users can request removal of all their personal data, but they must do so via an explicit written request to tech support. Clearly they understand human psychology well enough to know that most people will not read the privacy policy nor take that step. I'd venture to say that they're counting on it.