Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel section

The Travel section of the newspaper is taunting me. It often goes straight to recycling. After all, where am I going?

My mother would remind me, "Look for good fares, cheap fares." To Sydney.

And I used to read it for destinations with medieval history (because that was my bachelor's and master's focus).

Now I don't.

Yesterday I "saved" a page with tiny advertisements for cheap international fares (though Abraham may have already recycled it) -- to Sydney for less than $1,00o round trip (excluding undetermined "taxes" and a "Sept. 11 security fee").

Again, where am I going? With a preschooler and an infant? With a very modest income?

I want to be the international person I was raised as. The half-Australian. The one with family and friend connections in France and Italy. I have people to see! Even places to stay!

Without my mother, will I ever again be compelled to travel around the world?

I want to re-learn French. That might be a start.


seeMOMMYrun said...

Hey Morgan! Its Andrea from seeMOMMYrun. I just saw your post to Kim on the site. I don't remember deleting you from the blogs - I thought maybe you removed yourself!?! At any rate, let me know if you'd like to be added back. Thanks!! You can email me at andrea@seemommyrun.com.

morgan said...

I would love to be back in the seeMOMMYrun blog mix. I did not remove myself -- but it has been a mighty long time since I posted.